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Financial Support

can I contribute to hydrus development?

I do not expect anything from anyone. I'm amazed and grateful that anyone wants to use my software and share tags with others. I enjoy the feedback and work, and I hope to keep putting completely free weekly releases out as long as there is more to do.

That said, as I have developed the software, several users have kindly offered to contribute money, either as thanks for a specific feature or just in general. I kept putting the thought off, but I eventually got over my hesitance and set something up.

I find the tactics of most internet fundraising very distasteful, especially when they promise something they then fail to deliver. I much prefer the 'if you like me and would like to contribute, then please do, meanwhile I'll keep doing what I do' model. I support several 'put out regular free content' creators on Patreon in this way, and I get a lot out of it, even though I have no direct reward beyond the knowledge that I helped some people do something neat.

If you feel the same way about my work, I've set up a simple Patreon page here. If you can help out, it is deeply appreciated.