contact and links

Please send me all your bug reports, questions, ideas, and comments. It is always interesting to see how other people are using my software and what they generally think of it. Most of the changes every week are suggested by users.

You can contact me by email, twitter, tumblr, discord, or the 8kun/Endchan boards--I do not mind which. I'm not active on github (I use it mostly as a mirror of my home dev environment) and do not check its messages or issues. I often like to spend a day or so to think before replying to non-urgent messages, but I do try to reply to everything.

I am on the discord on Saturday afternoon, USA time, and Wednesday after I put the release out. If that is not a good time for you, feel free to leave me a DM and I will get to you when I can. There are also plenty of other hydrus users who idle who would be happy to help with any sort of support question.

I delete all tweets and resolved email conversations after three months. So, if you think you are waiting for a reply, or I said I was going to work on something you care about and seem to have forgotten, please do nudge me.

If you have a problem with something on someone else's server, please, do not come to me, as I cannot help. If your ex-gf's nudes have leaked onto the internet or you just find something terribly offensive, I cannot help you at all.